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Phuket - How Do I Get There

It can be a bit daunting going to a new place. My aim is to give you as much help as possible.
Flights from Heathrow to Bangkok are frequent. There are many Cheap Flight websites to help you. I still use  Expect to pay from £420 to £550 depending on the time of year you go. But be patient with your search as there are a multitude of airlines offering you their services at competitive rates.

I fly to Bangkok and then get an internal flight to Phuket on Air Asia as it’s so cheap. You can book this online using Expect to pay about £40 return Bangkok to Phuket. Once you are at Phuket airport, wander outside and get your taxi to the house….and you’re there.
There will be a small car for your use at the house. Just keep it topped up with petrol, please! If you want a better car for longer journeys then get a nice air conditioned hire car. The phone number for the nearest car hire company will be in the house. again, it’s just 5 minutes away at Chalong.

To download a map of Phuket, click this link.


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