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Phuket - How Do I Get There

It can be a bit daunting going to a new place. My aim is to give you as much help as possible.
Flights from Heathrow to Bangkok are frequent. There are many Cheap Flight websites to help you. I still use  Expect to pay from £450 to £600 depending on the time of year you go. But be patient with your search as there are a multitude of airlines offering you their services at competitive rates...and you could get a surprisingly cheap deal in the £400 range.!

I fly direct to  Phuket. I tend to use Emirates or Ethihad. Heathrow to Phuket costs in the £480 to £650 range. I try to aim to pay about  £530. These flights are direct (return) but include one stop. Keep an eye on the wait times in the airport. The shorter the waiting time, the more expensive the flight...usually!!

Once you are at Phuket airport, wander outside and get your taxi to the house. This will cost you 1,000 Baht maximum.


You will need the house address for the is:

Phuket Private Lagoon; Moo 6; 90/10 (House number); Chai Faa West Road, Chalong, Phuket.  

The phone number for the nearest car hire company will be in the house. again, it’s just 5 minutes away at Chalong.

To download a map of Phuket, click this link.


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